Big Hacks For Small Spaces In Your Home

Big Hacks For Small Spaces In Your Home


Living small has always been a reality around the world and it remains popular today. Apartment dwellings all around Australia are hot property for those starting off in the housing market, or those that simply don't require the white-picket-fence square footage. Here are a few small space solutions to free up some room in your home.

How to Maximise Storage in a Small Apartment:

Floor Lamps:

Floor lamps take up a noticeable amount of real estate in any room, so ditch them! If the light is what you're after, a strategically placed lamp set on the flat surface of the storage space will tick the interior lighting box. Plus, by abandoning the floor lamp you can focus on the window treatment to let light in a natural way. Roller Blinds are a great option for a smaller space as they are custom made to your window to allow a streamlined, low-profile window treatment for any room. You'll save even more space if your blind is positioned inside your window's recess.

Storage Bed:

Your bed is likely the biggest piece of furniture in your home. It's also your biggest ally when it comes to space-saving hacks for small apartments! A bed with adjustable, modular storage capabilities can be your best friend when living small. It's the perfect spot to hide all the bulky seasonal things that just don't fit in the cupboard or wardrobe. From extra bedding, blanket and towels to that pesky linen that only gets a look in when someone's crashing on the couch.

Overbed Storage:

If you're living in an apartment or studio, chances are your bedroom is one of the 'cosier' rooms in the home. Not having enough floor space for a bedside table doesn't mean you can't fill your bedroom to the brim. With a shelf perched above your bed's headboard, you can store everything from books to decor with ease, avoiding anything too heavy. You'd hate to startle yourself awake during a nightmare about paying full price for window treatments and bump your head.

Storage Room Divider:

Dividing a room can open up the space, define boundaries and add a lived-in appeal to any home. A storage room divider is a perfect method for living small! Make the most of your space and put storage on the menu with a sleek, functional aesthetic blind. Vertisheer Blinds and Panel Blinds make the best room dividers!

Go Vertical:

Bookshelves are a thief of space, why not use a floating shelve instead, you can place furniture underneath and maximise your space. Not only is it a fantastic way to store your books, but it looks the part in any home.

Use the Walls:

Placing a magnetic strip on your kitchen splashback is a fantastic way to store knives. Not needing a clunky traditional knife block frees up valuable countertop space and opens up the tight quarters of the kitchen. It also makes your kitchen appear functional and you look like a superior chef! Timber-Look Nova Blinds are the much loved natural look of wood with the robust qualities of PVC. Perfectly suited for letting in all the light you need, whilst withstanding the moisture, steam and splashes that come with the average kitchen!

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