Best Blockout Blinds for Summer

Best Blockout Blinds for Summer

Blockout blinds for summer

Australian summers reach very high temperatures, which is why you need to be prepared to keep your home cool and comfortable!

There are many ways to do this that don’t involve racking up high electricity bills from air conditioning; with the best being updating your window coverings and making other small changes throughout your home.

Summer blind options

Here are our top recommendations for blockout blinds.

Blockout roller blinds

Ergonomic in design, blockout roller blinds are one of the most practical and cost-effective window treatments. The thickness of these blinds helps to reduce the amount of heat coming into your home and maintain a comfortable temperature.

To shop blockout roller blinds, filter the fabric option on the roller blinds page.

Sunscreen roller blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds are a great fabric option as they reduce the intensity of sunlight, while maintaining plenty of light inside your home.

This material also helps limit UV exposure to your skin and furniture.

To shop sunscreen roller blinds, filter the fabric option on the roller blinds page.

Double roller blinds

For total privacy, consider Double roller blinds. These blinds often combine blockout and sunscreen rollers together in one system to give you light control, heat reduction and added security in your home.

Blockout Roman blinds

Blockout Roman blinds are made from an opaque fabric, giving your home plenty of protection from light and making them a great option for heat blocking!

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a light window covering with thin slats that help to regulate incoming light and heat. These slats can easily be rotated for blockout, keeping your home cool.

Venetians are available in a range of material options including aluminium, timber and timber-look. Different materials are recommended depending on where you’re installing them in your home.

Find out more about making the right choice with our complete guide to Venetian blinds.

Pairing sheer curtains with blinds

Pairing curtains and blinds

Another way you can keep your home cool in summer is by combining curtains and blinds.

Sheer curtains are a popular option for pairing with window coverings as their light material helps to add privacy and elegance to your home, as well as providing another layer that external heat needs to pass through.

Blinds such as roller blinds, Roman blinds and Venetians are great for pairing with sheer curtains as the combination of a vertical curtain and a horizontal blind creates an appealing look.

Find out more about how to pair curtains and blinds.

Will blockout blinds be effective all year round?

Changing your window coverings seasonally isn’t an option, so you want to make sure your blinds, curtains or shutters are effective for all times of the year.

In winter, blockout blinds work by creating a barrier to prevent cool air from transferring through the windows and decreasing the temperature inside your home. It also allows you to run heating for a lesser amount of time as the blinds also reduce the amount of heat that can escape.

Regardless of the temperature outside, blockout blinds are perfect for home temperature regulation all throughout the year!

Alternative ways to keep your house cool in summer


Insulation is one of the best ways to help manage the temperature within your home all year round.

There are different ways you can add insulation into your home. The most effective way is to add it in when you’re building, as it goes in the roof and wall cavities, but if you’re not renovating, there are a few less invasive ways to make an impact.

The first is by adding double glazed windows. These windows have two panes of glass separated by a small gap. This gap creates a vacuum seal, keeping your home’s temperature more stable. When you have air con or fans going to create cool air flow, this air can’t escape as easily.

The second is to go around your home and find anywhere there are gaps in walls, doors, or floors which could be where cool or warm air can escape.

Painting using lighter colours

Did you know that the colour of your walls contributes to the temperature of your home?

If your house is prone to higher temperatures, a way to reduce this is to paint the walls using a lighter colour. This is because they reflect incoming light (and also heat) away from your space, whereas darker colours absorb light.

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