How to stop your pet destroying your blinds and curtains

How to stop your pet destroying your blinds and curtains

If you've got a pet that spends most of its time indoors, you've probably been in a situation that's left you wondering 'how can I stop my dog or cat from destroying my blinds?!'

Whilst no commercially produced blinds are completely animal-proof, these four styles are some of the most pet friendly blinds on the market. So not only are they affordable and stylish, but they're also less likely to become damaged at the hands (well, paws) of your furry family members.

Pet friendly window coverings

Roman and roller blinds

These two window blinds are similar in function and appearance. Both styles consist of a single sheet of fabric that can be raised or lowered, which brings a multitude of benefits. For one thing, having a single piece of fabric means that there are no slats or gaps where playful paws, heads and noses can get stuck. It also reduces the risk of damage as there is less to grab onto, pull and play with.

If you choose to leave your roller blinds or Roman blinds rolled up, it will also provide your pets with a totally unobstructed view of the outside world. Plus, the fabric will be far away from your furry friends, meaning less pet hair to clean off your blinds!

Vertical blinds

When it comes to practicality and affordability, you really can't go wrong with vertical blinds Even when these blinds are drawn, you can rotate the vertical slats so that your pets can still enjoy the view of the outside world (and poke their cute little noses out as they await your return).

Vertical blinds will also remain clean for long periods of time with minimal effort on your behalf. Once you start to see a visible build-up of pet hair, slobber or grime, just give them a wipe down with a damp cloth.

These blinds are better suited to homes with dogs rather than cats, as cats may see the lightweight vertical slats as tempting toys! With that being said, it's super easy and affordable to replace the slats if they become dislodged due to naughty pets, with prices starting from as little as $3.

Timber-look blinds

One of the key benefits of timber-look blinds is that they have the high quality look of real wood for a lower price tag. As these blinds are made from hard-wearing PVC instead of real timber, they're much more durable. These blinds are perfect for cat owners, as PVC is less susceptible to claw marks or scratches.

PVC is also resistant to water, no matter what form it comes in! So even if you've got an excitable pooch that loves to put their wet nose and tongue everywhere, these blinds won't be easily damaged because of it. To keep these pet proof blinds clean, simply give them a wipe with a damp cloth every so often and leave them to air dry.

Window coverings to avoid


If you have fur babies running around your house, it's best to avoid curtains (in particular, sheer curtains). The soft and breezy fabric might be a stylish window dressing to you, but to cats and kittens it's just another climbing pole! Curtain material is more susceptible to rips, tears and damage, so you may have to fork out for repairs by choosing these window treatments.

If that wasn't reason enough to avoid curtains, don't forget that fabric tends to hold onto smells more easily compared to PVC, timber or aluminium. Plus, pet fur is much harder to remove from curtain fabric.

Aluminium Venetian blinds

This style of blind features slimline, horizontal slats, which can easily be rotated to control light and privacy. While the design is modern and functional, it can lead to trouble in homes with pets. Paws often find themselves lodged between the thin slats, causing damage to your blinds and potentially harming your pets! For these reasons, it's best to choose a different style of blind.

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