How to Match Blinds with Popular Paint Colours

How to Match Blinds with Popular Paint Colours

Pairing your wall paint with your window treatments is a deceptively tricky task. With such a multitude of colours available in the market, matching two shades together from different brands is near impossible! That is, of course, unless you have the right knowledge up your sleeve. Keep reading to discover some of the best pairings of popular white paints and indoor window treatments.

Love for White in Interior Design

With the popularity of modern minimalism in interior design, white - and all the varying shades within its spectrum - is one of the most popular paint colours around. By making your walls white, it easily sets up rooms for a variety of design options. While dark colours have plenty of merit, they can be constraining and reduce the sense of space. White is also reflective, so any natural light will reflect off the walls and make any room seem lighter and airier.

Most Popular Paint Colours

When it comes to creating a perfect neutral foundation for your home, you can't do much better than coating your walls in white. To help make redecorating easier, we've put together the following list of four popular shades you can find from all of the big paint brands, plus the blinds that they're best paired with.


    1. Neutral White and Sheer Curtains

If your home's interior design style is more on the modern side, make this shade your go-to. A neutral white is crisp, but still has the depth required to avoid making your home too stark. This shade also has minimal undertones, making it perfect for showcasing wall art or photographs on your bedroom or living room wall.

Pair this paint with our sheer curtains in a similar shade of white, or even a light neutral brown for an ultra-chic contemporary interior. Our sheers are a favourite among homeowners and interior designers alike, as they allow an abundance of natural light to fill your home, without compromising on views or privacy. For inspiration on how to style these window treatments, check out this collab with talented team from Studio Cult.

    1. Soft White and Vertical/Vision Blinds

For a timeless, contemporary look and feel, soft white is as versatile as colours come. Softer shades of white look beautiful in all rooms, especially rooms with low natural light as it keeps the space bright without appearing too stark.

Softer white pairs very nicely with earth tones, including light browns and muted greens. Our vertical blinds come in a huge range of colours, ranging from neutrals to bolder hues, including shades of green. If you'd prefer to get more experimental with the style of blind rather than the colour, our vision blinds are a stylish option. These blinds feature two layers of horizontal striped fabric (opaque and translucent), which work in harmony to gently filter light, or block it out completely. Find out more here.

    1. Vintage White and Roman Blinds

Any type of vintage or antique off-white colour that borders on cream is an elegant way to bring warmth to your home. The barely-there yellow and pink undertones are subtle but work their magic to create a homely environment and make accent colours sing.

Shades in this family are well-suited to any blind with a classic, sophisticated appearance, such as Roman blinds. Their unique, fold-up design creates clean lines in your home, looking just as stunning folded up as they do fully down. Like all the products in our range, Romans also come in a variety of shades. We'd recommend a shade of cool grey to complement the warmth in your walls.

    1. Crisp White and Cedar Venetian Blinds

If you're after a clean and energising shade, look to a cooler white with undertones of blue and grey. As this shade of white lacks the warmth of a white with yellow undertones, it works wonderfully when paired with timber furnishings or fixtures. The texture and warmth of the timber (natural or faux) offsets the crisp colour, avoiding a final appearance that's to 'clinical'.

The perfect partner for this shade is our cedar Venetian blinds. Made from authentic red cedar, these lightweight yet durable timber blinds bring effortless warmth to your home. They're available in your choice of a light to medium, or medium to dark lacquered finish.

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